Organic power bar with Goji, chocolate and spirulina



A burst of energy from a simple snack with a unique taste, typical of Goji berries, combined with chocolate for your sweeth tooth and chopped hazelnuts as well as the crispness of puffed cereals.

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Data sheet

* by organic farming
honey*,goji*12%, barley*, oat*, dark chocolate*9% (cocoa mass*, brown sugar*, cocoa butter*),amaranth*, quinoa*, chopped hazelnuts*, dried apple*, hulled sesame seeds*, sunflower oil*, spirulina*1,5%.
Product weight25g
Package per person1
Preservation modalitiesNo preservatives, artificial colours or additives. Store in a cool and dry place away from light and heat sources. Refrigerate after opening and consume within a few days.
The product may contain traces of:milk, soy, peanuts and nuts.

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Hailing from Mongolia, Goji berries are small red berries also known as "the fruit of longevity"; they grow in mineral-rich soils, as such they are a useful concentrate for energy and muscle metabolism with iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium; also, they have a low glycemic index.

Spirulina is a deep green algae with an important content of essential amino acids which can be assimilated easily and omega-6 fatty acids, precursors of molecules mediating inflammation. It is a source of carotenoids, powerful antioxidants, as well as vitamins C, E and those of group B.

The power bar has a high fiber content, thanks to the different cereals; in addition the dark chocolate is full of flavonoids, and it is a gourmet mark of the product.