Organic bar with cereals, almonds and dates



A bar in which the natural sweetness of dates joins the crispiness of the extruded and puffed whole grain cereals, for a unique result. This snack provides slow-releasing energy and is characterized by natural ingredients, which are all organic.

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Data sheet

* by organic farming
almonds* 27%, honey*, dates* 24%, extruded rice * (rice flour*, brown sugar*, sunflower oil*, salt), sesame*, puffed whole amaranth*, puffed whole quinoa*, puffed millet*.
Product weight25g
Package per person1
Preservation modalitiesNo preservatives, artificial colours or additives. Store in a cool and dry place away from light and heat sources.
The product may contain traces of:milk, soy, peanuts and nuts.

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The choice for whole grain cereals is driven by the desire to produce a bar rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates. The outer skin of the cereals contain several micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. The technological process used for the manufacturing of the bars are able to make them easily digestible. The texture of the bar is delightful: the crispiness of cereals is softened by the presence of honey and dates.

Almonds are oil seeds, have a high calorie count and are rich in nutritional elements, such as potassium and vitamin E. Moreover almonds have long been used for the preparation of traditional Italian desserts.

Dates are naturally rich in sugar and iron. They have been selected for this recipe not only because they contain numerous vitamins including vitamin C and those of group B, but also because along with honey they provide a pleasing and natural sweetness to the bar. Moreover the regular consumption of dates can contribute to the reduction of cholesterol levels.