Stefano Polato, responsabile dello Space Food Lab di Argotec
All our products follow a common vision, born from the extensive research and development done to meet the needs of the European astronauts and brought back to Earth to meet the needs of those who want to eat healthy, tasty and complete meals.

We have created several single courses, suitable for any meal, and some delicious and tempting snacks. In every recipe we have paid attention to the quality and to the origin of the ingredients, taking into account the following concepts: 

- Seasonality. Respecting nature means not only saving money, but the proper ripeness of a fruit allows us, for example, to not add sugar. Everything in its own time: this allows us to obtain the maximum of the benefits from what we eat, to pollute less and to achieve the ultimate satisfaction for the palate and the mind. 


- Organic. A product, which is not chemically treated during the production, allows us to exploit it as best we can. For example, using the peel of the fruits to have the proper amount of fiber, as in the case of our Smoothie. Furthermore, this approach allows us to have a low environmental impact.


- Well-being. In every course we chose to not use additional salt or refined sugar. Then we used spices and herbs, which give not only taste, aroma and flavors, but they also provide the necessary micronutrients to our diet. Cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, are all ingredients, which are rich in phytochemicals, that support our well-being in many ways.


- Pleasure. Even in space, the psychological aspect is important: it is not enough that a product is beneficial to ones health, but it is also necessary that it is tasty and inviting. For this reason, we pack the foodstuffs in order to retain color, texture, taste and all organoleptic qualities with a shelf-life of 18-24 months.