Argotec Laboratorio Termico
Argotec - Thermal Lab

Argotec Space Food Lab
Argotec - Space Food Lab
Argotec is an aerospace engineering company with a long and recognized history in Human Space Flight and Operations. Our experience concerns astronauts training and International Space Station flight controller certification. We carry out research activities in various aerospace areas, providing many solutions with immediate applications on Earth.

Over recent years, the European Space Agency (ESA) contracted Argotec as the organization responsible for the space food development and supply for European astronauts on the ISS. To meet this ambitious technological challenge, Argotec developed, independently, a new research area for the study of nutritional food dedicated to the astronauts, the Space Food Lab

Thanks to research and development activities, Argotec created products commercialized with the brand ReadyToLunch. All of our products were realized to also respond to the needs of “terrestrial beings” who prefer eating healthy, tasty and whole foods. These are also practical products that can support important physical performances. Thanks to their features, the consumption of these products is particularly suitable for athletes.