Argotec makes its expertise and know-how available for the execution of various types of scientific popularization events with a focus on tasting the space food for terrestrial beings. In particular, the service offered by Argotec provides the on location preparation of space meals, through the use of specific equipment, which provide the following courses:

  •     appetizer/aperitif
  •     single course
  •     dessert

Each product comes directly from the extensive studies carried out by Argotec creating the menus for Samantha Cristoforetti (Mission Futura), Alexander Gerst (Mission Blue Dot) and Luca Parmitano (Volare Mission). The consumption of the meals will be done in the same fashion as is done on the International Space Station, directly inside the same type of pouch as is used in space. In this way, the guests will feel like a true and proper astronaut for few hours.

Two members of the Argotec team will attend the event. One of them will be Stefano Polato, head of the Space Food Lab in Turin and the official chef of the Futura Mission, and his presence will allow you to explore the theme of a healthy and proper diet in space as well as on Earth. Among the various topics, great emphasis will be given to the research and the developed technologies used by Argotec to offer a high quality food in space. The second one will be, instead, a NASA/ESA certified instructor in Human Space Flight, who trained the astronauts of the 2009 group, such as Luca Parmitano, Alexander Gerst and Samantha Cristoforetti. His speech will have a technical-scientific tone, but will not neglect the typical curiosities of life in space.

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